Private Medical Insurance

The benefits of private health insurance

Private Medical Insurance provides guaranteed access to quick and timely treatment avoiding long National Health queues.  In addition patients benefit from the comfort of their own room – typically with ensuite facilities in a hospital or clinic of their own choosing.

There are a huge variety of policies on the market it’s not just about looking for cheap health insurance, but cover that offers real value by taking into account your lifestyle and your budget.

CIFCO Ltd provide totally impartial, expert advice, and we have relationships with the leading healthcare insurers which enable us to present tailor-made solutions for all our clients.

CIFCO Ltd provide an independent review which is FREE, with no hidden,or upfront fees to pay.

How we can help you find health cover

We will research what is available for you on the market, including many deals which are not generally available in the market. We will take into consideration the following options:-

Do you want out-patient cover? Most policies include in-patient tests and surgery but not all include out-patient consultations and treatment.

Do you need cover when abroad? Whilst abroad treatment can be provided, many health insurance schemes do not include it as standard.

Do you want to be able to choose where to be treated? Different policies offer differing lists of hospitals and clinics – including specialist centres – from which you can choose to be treated. Or would you be happy to be seen at a local hospital recommended by your insurer?W

Which benefits are most important to you? Options may include physiotherapy, psychiatric, chiropractic, optical, specialist cancer and cardiac care.

How much can you afford? Clearly there’s a strong correlation between the level of cover provided and its cost.

Would you be willing to contribute to the cost of your care? By agreeing a policy excess you may be able to secure a lower premium.

Would you like the 6 week deferred option? This reduces the premium as a consequence of a required treatment  being available on the NHS within a six week period then you must use NHS.