Health Cash Plans





Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, a company paid healthcare cash plan enables you to promote wellbeing within your company, build staff loyalty and be seen as a caring employer.

What is it?

A Health Cash Plan allows employees to claim back the cost of specified medical expenses up to a benefit level and typically includes cover for the following expenses:

* Optical

* Dental

* Private consultations

* Physiotherapy

* Hospital in-patient

* Hospital day surgery

* Counseling and medical helplines

Why choose a Health Cash Plan?

* A low cost plan designed to encourage employees and family members to arrange regular health checks, for example with the dentist or the optician

* Can be used by almost all employees as it covers everyday healthcare expenses

* No underwriting required

* Early diagnosis from private medical consultations can help prevent serious illness

* Helps reduce sickness related employee absence and helps promote staff wellbeing

* Helps you to comply with Health & Safety Executive (HSE) legislation with eye tests (where required)

* Popular benefit helps retain and reward existing staff and attract quality new staff

* Helps keep staff fit and healthy if you cannot afford to provide private healthcare.