Group Private Medical Insurance





What is Group Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

Group Private Medical Insurance (PMI) is a policy taken out by an employer to enable their employees to receive eligible private treatment quickly with the minimum disruption, thereby helping to reduce the cost of sickness absence

Employer Benefits

* Employees are probably the most important asset a company has, so looking after their health is crucial to your business.

* Group PMI provides a high-value benefit and peace-of-mind to attract and retain experienced employees.

* Group PMI is normally an allowable business expense for corporation tax purposes under current tax rules.

* Above all, Group PMI can help to reduce the cost of sickness absence.

Employee Benefits

* Peace of mind – they will not have to wait on the NHS for eligible treatment.

* Employees can choose where and when they are treated to ensure their treatment fits in with home and business schedules.

* Own private room in most cases.

* Visiting times to suit them.

* Cover can often be extended to their family as well (either company paid or on a voluntary basis).

Five Good Reasons to Have Group PMI

1. Can help manage the cost of short-term sickness absence and other impacts on business and provides treatment to employees so they can return to work as quickly as possible.

2. Can serve as an excellent recruitment, motivation and retention tool.

3. Provides a high-value benefit and peace-of-mind to attract and retain experienced employees.

4. You may be perceived as a caring employer.

5. Helps towards satisfying your responsibilities as an employer.

We have strong relationships with household names such as AVIVA, BUPA, AXA-PPP, Vitality, Simplyhealth and Medicash. We also deal with smaller Healthcare companies who offer excellent products with whom you may not be immediately familiar with. This enables us to provide you with a range of options and as CIFCO Ltd is completely independent with no ties to any insurer the advice that we give is what is right for you not us.

Finding the right policy or comparing policies is becoming ever more complex. Our specialist private healthcare team have the experience to research the market for you to ensure that you have the policy that meets both your needs and your budget. All clients also receive, FREE OF CHARGE a full review each year to ensure that the premiums are competitive and match our client’s specific needs.