Group Income Protection

Sickness absence in the workplace can leave a company and people paying a high price. Not only is absence costly, it can also affect an employees’ income, resulting in low morale and retention. Group Income Protection seeks to overcome these issues, providing your people with a monthly replacement income and access to the insurer’s rehabilitation expertise.

Considering your options

Group Income Protection pays a percentage of the absent employee’s earnings. Cover can start when the employer’s short-term sick pay provision ends and can continue until the policy terminal age.

Group Income Protection brings a wealth of benefits to employers and employees alike.

For employers:

* Opportunity to reduce and predict long-term sickness absence.

* Benefits can be used to continue funding costs associated with long-term absence, such as pensions, holiday pay, company car allowance, and Private Medical Insurance premiums.

* The employer usually receives corporation tax relief on premiums.

* Vocational rehabilitation helps employees return to work, freeing you from the need to recruit and train replacements.

* The benefit may attract and retain high-calibre employees.

* Many insurers offer free Employee Assistance Programmes that include access to free telephone, online legal support and face-to-face counseling.

For employees:

* Group Income Protection provides financial security if illness or injury means they can’t work.

* Contact can be maintained with employer and colleagues for the duration of cover, maintaining self-esteem and social benefits of working.

* The solution maximises the likelihood of returning to work.

* Support from our Rehabilitation Services team helps employees return to work.

* Employees retain benefits of paid employment, including National Insurance Contributions.

* Premiums are not treated as a PIID benefit for employees.