Funeral Plans

What is a Prepaid Funeral?

A pre-paid funeral provides you with the ability to pay for a funeral today so your loved ones don’t have to. This will relieve the financial burden and emotional stress that comes with planning a funeral.

Why Prepay for Your Funeral?

It’s financially astute to prepay for your funeral now as it protects you and your family from rising costs.

Funeral Plan does what over 50’s Life Insurance policies can’t

Over 50’s Life insurance policies are an alternative way to make a contribution to funeral costs. These policies pay out a fixed amount on death which can be used to contribute to the funeral cost. However there is no guarantee that this sum will be enough to cover the full cost of the funeral leaving your family with an unexpected bill.

Benefits of Prepaid Funeral Plans 

  • Free quotes
  • Easy processing. No one is turned down.
  • Multiple funeral plans to choose from
  • Finalize your price today
  • Peace of mind for your loved ones
  • Regulated Trust ensures your money is safe
  •  When you invest in one of our pre-paid plans we guarantee that the funeral director’s fees will be met in full, when the time comes.All Funeral Plan funds are held in Trust. The Trust manages the funds to achieve stable long-term growth and is overseen independently by a board of trustees and regulated in compliance with The Financial Services & Markets Act 2001. The fund is annually independently audited and subject to strict actuarial reporting, it is solid, stable and above all, secure.